He either fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, he who dares not put it to the touch, to win or lose it all!

It is easy to become a member of Thunder Mountain Freetraders.  There is no membership fee, all we ask is for members to contribute what they can, when they can, how they can, and to participate as fully as they can. 

So if you are interested, start coming out to our events.  If it seems a good fit to our officers and you, then come on the road with us.  If you enjoy yourself, show yourself to be a person of good ethics and reliability, a hard worker, and a positive, energetic individual then you just might be inducted at our yearly Induction Ceremony at the Hydref Festival at Tyddyn yr Haul a'r Lleaud. 

We also have groups within the Guild that members can become a part of.  We encourage each member to pursue their own art and dreams, music and dance, joy and pleasure within what we do.  There is no set uniform, no set craft; we each do as suits us, working together on the parts that take "all-hands."

Members of TMF also receive membership in Thunder Mountain Colorado Living History.