"Creed of the Guilder"


As a person holding membership in our Guild, Thunder Mountain Freetraders, I wear a token, given to me in the year of my induction, a token unique to that year, that I may know those people that made the journey with me. They represent that each who receive them hold dear the traditions held high in the Once Ways, ideals sorely lacking in the modern world.  Each person receiving this membership has shown their commitment to the learning and presentation of these ideals as exemplified by their efforts and behavior.  The Guild began as an idea and can only exist by the actions of its members and as a member my actions are and will be in the grand tradition of all that we do.

Each token is made in the traditional way, of ancient materials, symbolizing much.  The materials were acquired in the old manner of trade, at events participated in by the Guild.  

The coin shows that we are merchants, but it also shows that which we will always put in a beggar’s bowl, a dancer’sbasket, a singer’s cup, a harper’s case or a storyteller’s hat.

The bone bead shows us that what we are is inside of us, at our very core, the structure of our life, something the gods put there but that which even the gods cannot change.

The sinew holds the token together as it holds us together, all nineteen pieces, representing the old training years of the ancient Bards.  

The stone bead shows that what we are is at the very foundations of civilization, its conservators, showing that we have, hold and study the memories and stories that brought us all here and will continue to inspire us to greatness.

There are pairs of beads, red for the passion we will bring to our endeavors, yellow for the joy with which we will share our lives with others, and purple for the nobility, honor and purpose our efforts must have to succeed.  

There are two sets of five beads, one set of blue, one of green, showing that our hands will always hold high the twin concepts of Loyalty and Duty, which are at the core of what we do.

We wear these on our person so that it will be known who and what we are:

Thunder Mountain Freetraders.